I want to go ahead, how do I proceed?

We hope you like everything that MSAffiliates has to offer, we think we have created an excellent arrangement based on partnership, service and knowledge. If you would like to sign up as an affiliate please contact the Affiliate Account Manager (contact details below) to arrange for an Area Sales Representative to visit you. We like to take the personal approach and in order for us to profile your store correctly, we need to have a talk about your requirements and visit your store.

Call 01284 767019 or e-mail enquiries@msaffiliates.co.uk.

I already have sheet music, how can I transfer?

Already have your own music?

If you have your own selection of sheet music we may consider recognising this stock in order to better profile your store. This will require your sales representative to value the stock initially and if both parties are happy we can take on your stock. If we do not take on your stock, you are contractually obliged to sell through that stock within 9 months and after that period dispose of it.

Already have a similar offering?

If you already have stock and racks from another company you probably think it will be a lot of hassle to change supplier and transfer all the products. Let our transfer team take away your worries. We can arrange for a smooth transition of furniture and stock, with minimum disruption to your store. We want to limit the potential problems of a transfer so we can discuss your needs and make every arrangement to ensure a quick, simple transfer.

How long does it take to get set up?

Getting set up is different for every store. After initial contact with the account manager or sales representative, a contract will go out for you to sign. If you are agreeable, the account is set up as soon as the contract is received. We order your furniture at this point and your initial stock order is compiled. We arrange dates for delivery with you and if necessary the transfer team will come to the store to help you get set up, ensuring a smooth transition with minimum disruption for the store.

I don’t want to use your software, what are my options?

We try to encourage you to use out data capture software as it is the most effective way to search for products, process sales/customer orders, keep track of your orders and replenishments. However, we do understand that you may not like to use it or be in a position to use it, so we have simple order pads, you can record orders and sales by hand and send them to us weekly via post or fax. Or you can record sales and orders on an Excel spreadsheet and email them in. If you want to use an alternative way, it can be discussed.

I have more than one store, how would that work?

We already supply stores that are part of a group. Each store is profiled individually unless all the stores in your group are befitting the same profile. We treat you as individual stores, they will all have different stock levels, sales uploads, replenishments, orders and deliveries will reach each store. Group stores often require the accounts to be a collective so we accommodate this area. We will aim to cater for your needs in group ownership scenarios. Just let us know what you need.

I have a website and would like to display sheet music, can you help?

Put simply, yes. We know that an important part of your business is your website and we want to help you to make that the best it can be. We can provide you with the catalogue numbers, title, descriptions (including HTML tags), weight, product images and a number of other pieces of information for the products that are in stock in your store.

What is the Address for MSAffiliates in Bury St. Edmunds?

Hal Leonard Europe
Dettingen Way
Bury St. Edmunds
IP33 3YB