Welcome to Music in Print, the Complete Solution to Sheet Music Retailing.

About Our Experience In Retail


Music in Print was formed in 1982 as a retailer of printed music offering titles both to the Trade in the form of our Affiliate Offering and as a retailer itself, operating a small number of stores across the country both independently and within other host stores. Since then Music in Print has grown to operate stores, mainly under the Musicroom brand, selling everything you would expect of an independent retailer from Drum Kits to Saxophones, Kazoos to Guitars and everything in between.

Why does it matter?

This experience gives us a unique position in the industry. We understand music retailing like no other supplier because we are trying to achieve the same level of excellence in retailing that you desire and that your customers expect. Our industry-leading logistical operation, sophisticated IT and replenishment systems, customer service, state of the art fixtures, and extensive product catalogue have filtered down from our Retail operation and we continue to improve our Affiliate operation through the experience gained from within our own Retail stores. Unlike other suppliers, we see the market trends before anyone else. We have direct interaction with customers which feeds back into our buying, marketing, and overall offering. We operate some of the largest and most successful music retail businesses in the country and you benefit from the very same operation. No separate service, no limitations or restrictions, you have the same print catalogue, the same replenishment system, the same new issues, and the same expertise that helps those stores to prosper and succeed.