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About Our IT Infrastructure


We provide software free of charge to Dealers allowing you to quickly and easily record sales, electronically uploading them for self-billing and replenishments. Most titles feature a barcode and so the process is incredibly quick and simple.

Dealer Website

Our website offers access to our entire printed music catalogue with enriched data including extended descriptions, song lists, product images, and stock availability. There is a comprehensive search facility allowing you to find and verify products using the products details and images. Once found products can be quickly converted into orders for fulfilment. The website also offers access to a host of other resources including contact information, frequently asked questions, and useful tips and tricks to maximise your offering.


Our replenishment system is specifically designed to handle the complicated nature of printed music. With increased activity in line with the Education calendar in tutor books, exam material, and selected repertoire along with the always busy Festive period for popular print our system reacts decisively to ensure you have the right stock when you need it most. Replenishment of titles happens via a review process with comprehensive sales data allowing us to spot trends and react accordingly. Should you wish to be more involved in the process then there is the option to intervene before submissions are made by removing items not required, such as customer orders, or adding in requests allowing you to refine your offering further and get exactly what you require.