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About Our Logistics


Our distribution centre, based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, is a state of the art facility, with a capacity of over 180,000 square feet, holding literally millions of products. All products are held in temperature-regulated warehouses on bespoke racking to ensure maximum quality of product no matter what the ambient condition. Divided between a Bulk and Forward warehouse, we cope with stock quantities from less than 10 to over 10,000 products. This allows our purchasers to order exactly as required, maximising availability for you the Dealer no matter how popular the publication. We have in excess of 20,000 sheet music titles, 2,000 DVD titles, and a huge print archive department all of which can be delivered to your store within a matter of days.

Extended Catalogue Facility

Our Dealers also have additional access to over 200,000 titles from our catalogue covering the length and breadth of print suppliers both in the UK and beyond. These titles can be included on any order and are handled by our Back-To-Back facility which is again specifically tailored to suit the nature of low quantity print orders from multiple suppliers.


Our distribution centre has highly trained personnel dedicated to each stage of the order process from picking, to packing and despatch. Your order is handled in the most efficient manner. Our pickers use wireless scanners linked directly to our warehousing system providing up to the second information on orders. Coupled with barcode verification we ensure the highest levels of picking accuracy minimising the time you spend dealing with problem deliveries. Packaging is specifically designed and constructed to hold print music & DVD’s meaning your order will arrive in the best possible condition, reducing time spent on damaged products and ensuring maximum return for you on the products you sell. Once picked, orders from Forward, Bulk, and Back-To-Back locations are consolidated and packaged into a single delivery for ultimate ease when they arrive at your store. Our fulfilment partners provide a fast and efficient courier service with next day delivery and tracking of individual parcels throughout the entire transport process, all at no cost to you the Dealer. Every item of stock despatched is individually priced with generic white price labels, saving you time during your booking-in process and allowing your personnel to get on with other tasks.